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Friday, 21/10/2016 - Samantha Reidy

What is RFID? How can it revolutionise my events?


What is RFID? How can it revolutionise my events?

The term RFID has certainly been making its rounds in the event tech industry for some time, but only more recently has it started being developed to do much more. 

So firstly, what it is? And what does it actually stand for? 

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, which utilises radio waves to transmit and acquire data wirelessly. Unlike a barcode, RFID tags have the benefit of not needing to be within line of sight of a scanner to be read. This means information can be stored without the need to actually physically scan them all individually. A huge time saver!

Alongside this RFID is also capable of reading multiple tags simultaneously, allowing you to collate, view, and store data at a much faster rate. Yet again, another huge benefit over traditional barcodes! 

As time progresses, and RFID becomes even more wildly known, we will be seeing a lot of new and already existing companies utilising the full benefits of RFID. Here are 4 RFID based services and systems from successful companies that are currently doing just that.


Delegate Monitoring

DelTrack utilises RFID technology by using it to track and monitor a Delegate's location at any one time whilst a conference or event is taking place. At the end of the event a post event report, or attendance certification, can also be produced to ensure any specific registration compliance can be adhered to if required. This is 

DelTrack's Event Manager Application enables you to remotely manage and view live room statistics, view and edit agendas, instantly generate pre-defined certificates, and any other form of post meeting data a client may require.



On-Site Registration

Sign-in sheets, they are the bane at events, ask any Event Manager and they will know this to be true! Not only are sign-in sheets time consuming and inefficient, but they also prevent you from focusing on building the

Alongside DelTrack's comprehensive delegate monitoring system they also offer an on-site registration system that can work both in conjunction with their tracking service, or alternatively as a stand alone system.

By installing iPad registration desks within the venue, delegates are able to use their pre-supplied badge or meeting pack and immediately register themselves on arrival, by swiping their allocated badges at these welcome desks. Once successfully scanned the tablet displays the attendees' details on screen for an additional level of security.

If so required, an additional feature can also be requested to enable the display of attendees personalised appointment details and meeting agendas. Upon authentication their presence is then confirmed and logged for the event.



Social Media Integration 

Nowadays we all seem to be using at least one form of social media on a daily basis, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even just LinkedIn. So integrating this into events can just be what is needed to greatly increase attendee communication and engagement.

UpD8r can install interactive 'tap' points around your event, allowing attendees to upload and share posts, images and videos to a variety of different social media accounts. Alongside this UpD8r can also provide: 

  • Like Stations – Where attendees are able to 'Like' your event from their social media page.
  • Check-In Stations – Allows attendees to have the option to share their current location with their online friends
  • Gamification – Interactive points can provide surveys, competitions, or simple games to encourage even further attendee engagement.

The company Intellitix used this recently for festival-goers. Using a series of check-in stations around the festival, fans used their RFID wristbands to link to their own Facebook and Spotify accounts. This resulted in nearly 3.5 million likes, comments and unique engagements. It also allowed fans to find their favourite songs online after the festival. 



Contactless Payments 

Contactless payments using RFID technology are now seen being used on a daily basis, but how is this technology also beneficial at events? 

Well, firstly it creates a seamless experience for attendees at your event by dramatically reducing queuing and transaction times. Not only this, but it is also a safer, and more convenient way for transactions to take place when no physical cash is exchanged between vendor and attendee. Research has also demonstrated that that attendees will actually spend up to 20% extra when onsite and using RFID enabled wristbands/lanyards as apposed to cash. A further increase in revenue also comes from the savings of not having carriage, security and administration costs that comes with the handling of cash. 

Digital transactions also allow for real time sales reports and inventory stock management. Giving you an in depth analysis of which products are most in demand, which aren't, and if the time of day fluctuates these sales. These reports can also be analysed in full post-event, potentially allowing you to better plan for future events.

With ID&C you can design and buy your own custom RFID wristbands for cashless payments.


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