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Wednesday, 02/09/2015 - Samantha Reidy

What are the Top 5 Must Have Event Technologies?

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Crowd Mics allows guests' to transform their smartphones and tablets into wireless microphones, so they are more easily heard in large conference rooms or auditoriums. Delegates download the Crowd Mics application, and enter a code that is unique to that event. If someone within the meeting wishes to ask a question, or comment, all they do is tap their phones, and the presenter can easily view a list of people who are requesting to speak. Through this he can give permission, enabling an individuals microphone, mute microphones, or even allow 'open mic', so anyone in the meeting can comment freely. Commenting through texts, and polling functions, are also available through the app.

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iBeacon Technology Bluetooth Event Tech Software


iBeacons are low-powered transmitters, developed by Apple. These relatively small devices can sense the proximity of nearby iOS devices, which can then send and receive information via Bluetooth. This technology is currently being used in a wide range of differing ways. From within retail, creating customisable shopping experiences, targeted advertising and promotion.

There are also many ways in which iBeacon be implemented into meetings and events, potentially improving the management and attendee experience. Navigation - Using it's pin-point GPS accuracy, iBeacons can be used to formulate detailed venue maps or floor plans. Exhibition Stands - Allowing exhibitors to view extensive reports on the flow of visiting attendees to product booths. Networking - Using an opt-in feature in the event's application, attendees can network, discover and message fellow delegates. Advertising and promotions - As opposed to distributing physical brochures or other promotional materials, exhibitors have the ability to send these digitally, attracting attendees to their stand. 
iBeacon is seen to still be very much in its infancy, but will surely continue to change how events are experienced. 
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Periscope Software Event Technology


Periscope is a video streaming application, for use with tablets or mobile devices. Periscope allows you to broadcast a live video feed, and anyone with a link to the stream can view it, at no cost! 

There are many ways in which you could integrate this system into your conference, or your event. For example, those who are unable to attend your event in person, can still be given an 'inside look' on some of your key moments. Periscope is also a fresh and exciting way to interact with your delegates. Dedicate a certain hashtag to your event, e.g. #AV2015, broadcast it on Twitter, and find your more active participants. Viewers of your live stream are able to like, and also comment for others to see, encouraging engagement, and generating conversation. Communication is one of the key aspects of creating an event that attendees leave from and remember. 

Periscope is still very new in the application industry, and no doubt will still be evolving, but it is certainly one that is already gaining a large following!

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SmartCrowdz Event Technology Audiovisual Production

SmartCrowdz is a free, mass participation, event website and mobile application platform, which not only allows users to manage activities and conferences, but also market and monetise those events. They state that, in just three steps, event managers can easily accomplish the basic items required to get their event website live. Firstly you must download, fill out, and upload the event data sheet on SmartCrowdz website. From this their team will have your site live, for participates and attendees to use, within just 2 business days. 

"Embracing technology is sometimes difficult but nevertheless an important step for event managers and planners. We have established the Free Event Setup program to reduce those barriers and let part-time and amateur event managers take advantage of technology that previously has only been available to event professionals."  
- Randy Smith, SmartCrowdz cofounder.

SmartCrowdz also hosts an online event directory, which event participants and attendees can use to discover events near to them which match their specific passions and interests. 

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DelTrack Delegate Tracking Event Technologies Audiovisual Production


DelTrack uses intelligent RFID technology to provide a comprehensive delegate tracking, monitoring and registration system for your event. Performing a manual signing in process becomes both time consuming and labour intensive for both your employees and Delegates. With RFID technologies from DelTrack this becomes a thing of the past, allowing you more time to focus more on forming that all important rapport, and relation with Delegates.

Delegate's attending are all assigned a unique identifier which is encoded onto a discrete chip, and concealed within the delegate's lanyard prior to arrival. At the event RFID antennas and readers are placed on surrounding doorways of rooms that wish to be monitored. The Event Manager Application also works alongside the RFID technology, and enables you to: remotely manage and view live room statistics; generate pre-defined certificates; view and edit agendas, and much more.



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